Happy Clients

“I had the privilege and opportunity to meet and (therefore) hire Dorota’s coaching services upon my arrival to The Netherlands.

It was impressive the value that she invested and added during our work sessions with her remarkable empathy; strong market experience; in-depth knowledge and high-level or professionalism. Those sessions allowed and provided me with the right competences tools and approach to professionally position myself in an all new market and in all new country.

Truth be told, her guidance/advices were so uncanny effective that it wasn’t necessary to go through the all agreed package-sessions, because I made it through and got an opportunity in one of the biggest companies in The Netherlands – and I owe it all to Dorota!

There are life changing moments, where we occasionally meet someone who leaves a significant footprint in our lives. Dorota is one of those persons!“


“I needed some guidance for my career when I came across Dorota’s creative posts in the IamExpat portal.
I met her on the internet, but I immediately felt she was the right person to help me.

Dorota is a competent coach who knows a lot about the business world. She has also lived as an expart in different countries, so she’s really sensitive when it comes to cultural aspects.

During my sessions, I always felt like I was talking to a friend who wants what’s best for me and helps me to get there. And if that is not enough: all the sessions were part of a structured action plan that ended up helping me to get a job offer!“

“I met Dorota just when I started planning to open my own business. And ever since I began to share my ideas and many concerns with her, she has been most helpful and supportive, giving me lots of inspiration as well as practical guidance. For me Dorota turned out to be an ideal coach who can give you wings but also helps you to walk on Earth. 6 months or so after we first met I opened a new chapter in my professional life and I am now running a business on my own. I sincerely recommend her services.“

“We were really excited to welcome Dorota back to Elsevier for the second time to give an exciting and engaging workshop to our employees! This time the workshop was: What are my (work) values? Dorota quickly created a safe environment for all participants involved to express themselves without reservation. Further, because of Dorota’s vast experience in career coaching and career change, she is very knowledgeable in this topic and gave the participants really valuable insights into their own career paths. The workshop attracted many participants and received outstanding feedback!“

“Dorota’s services were recommended to me during a job interview which turned into a personal development conversation. Due to some previous coaching experience I was slightly apprehensive but eventually decided to contact Dorota. Straight from the start, it became clear to me that working with Dorota would be a great and valuable experience and it indeed proved to be like that every step of the way.

She is intelligent and sharp, clearly likes what she does and inspires through her own motivation and personal ambition. She is also practical in her approach and has a true interest in what she does and in the people she works with. Dorota is very strong in working with people from international backgrounds/careers.

Through offering a clear structure, practical exercises and sharp conversation this coaching journey provided me with the self-knowledge, conviction and inspiration needed to make a bold career move and follow my heart. I can only echo the sentiment of the person who recommended DoSo coaching to me in the first place; deciding to work with Dorota was probably one of the smartest career decisions I have ever made!“

“Coaching with Dorota has been an empowering and inspiring self-discovery journey. If you feel like you struggle with your career, I would seriously recommend that you find a coach and tap into it. Even if you don’t think that you need it and think you know all the answers, you may still be surprised what it unlocks and enables you to do. We all need a helping hand every now and then and the energy you get from walking together with someone through your blocks or hurdles is very up-lifting.”

Pavla, , Project Manager

“Working with Dorota definitely helped me gain confidence in myself and in my project. Through the various exercises that she proposes, I managed to put my thoughts into actions, step by step and keeping my end-goal in focus.

If you feel stuck and don’t know how to make it happen, I warmly recommend you the support of Dorota! Big thanks to her!“

Anne-Laure, Happiness Coach

“My coaching relationship with Dorota has been extremely worthwhile. This was my first time working with a coach and I was not sure what to expect. Right from the outset, I found her to be warm, engaging, encouraging and yet challenging. She helped me focus on my professional path and most importantly helped me resolve a significant internal conflict that I was facing professionally. I was struggling with figuring out if I wanted grow via the corporate ladder or restart my company based on my interests & passions. Dorota’s exercises guided me through the conflict eventually leading to my decision to restart my company. Our conversations gave me a good insight into my values and motivation and I learnt the level of significance specific values had for me. It was altogether a results driven and rewarding experience for which I am truly grateful!“.

“Dorota is a caring and skilled coach. She has a profound understanding of different cultures and how that affects people individually. Her excellent English made me feel, as a native English speaker, quite at home to express myself fully. I found her via the Internet. Feeling stuck in my work life I knew that I wanted to make a change, leave the corporate world, and follow my dreams. I did not know the way forward or how to start this process. A lack of confidence fuelled by self-criticism was holding me back. Dorota helped me peel away the layers and made me conscious of what I was thinking, feeling and believing about myself. She helped me to understand the underlying drivers of my behaviour and how I could change that to move forward and achieve anything I put my mind to. I remember the joy I felt when her coaching opened up the limitless sky in my mind. Dorota is a sensitive yet tough cookie who didn’t let me make any easy decisions along the way or let me give in to self-pity. The journey you will take with her is scary and fraught with imagined demons, but her guidance will help you slay each and every one of them. Happy Travels. I the meantime I have left my corporate job, published two books of Poetry: My Own Voice and Cobweb Kung-Fu and have embarked on a full-time writing career. Thank you Dorota, I am eternally grateful for meeting you along this path!”.

Michael Stolt,, Writer

“Dorota has a skill to get out what lies deep inside of you. You just don’t know yet that it’s there, but she pushes you to find it. As a good coach she doesn’t just give answers to what you really want or need, but instead asks the right questions to help you find answers for yourself. This method definitely allows a bigger break-through than for instance taking some standard career test. The result is that you are really motivated to pursue the results of the sessions and reorganize your life.”

A. Kramer, , Logistics Specialist

“I kind of stumbled upon Dorota, and I am so glad I did. Dorota is an excellent career coach and I would recommend her services to anyone needing advice on advancing their career or business. I contacted Dorota at a cross roads in my career, I was looking for a new challenge and direction, but couldn’t envision a clear goal or strategy. Dorota, cut through preconceived ideas, doubts and fears, and helped me to re-identify my interests and strengths. Her expert advice and positive encouragement, has been invaluable to me. I will definitely be consulting Dorota periodically throughout my career.”

“As an HR professional I coach others myself on their career development, but when it came to applying the same pieces of advice to myself I could not be as objective and have the clear view of how can I improve myself, my CV, my cover letters etc. Also, having been in a stable job for the last 8 years, I felt a bit out of touch with how one goes about finding a new job. Dorota was a God Send! She helped me to clarify my priorities, sharpen up my CV & cover letter and taught me the tricks of using LinkedIn. Within 2 months, I was being invited to interviews! Would definitely recommend Dorota as a coach!”

“Professional, emphatic and warm. This is exactly what comes to my mind when I think about Dorota Klop-Sowińska, my personal coach in years 2011-2013. When I came to the Netherlands some time ago I immediately decided to focus on my personal development. I somehow felt that this is the right moment to DO SO. One day I went to the fitness club and guess what… I met Dorota there, just by accident (Or rather not? I truly believe in synchronicity!!!). This is how it all started. For almost two years Dorota supported me in taking the right decisions related to both my professional and private life. Always full of energy, optimistic and well-prepared for our sessions, she gave me both strength and energy to make small, but powerful changes in my life. Thanks to Dorota I have got into the process of artistic and creative recovery that I continue till now. Don’t wait for others to change your life! Finding a trustworthy, professional coach might be the best thing you could do for yourself. Working with Dorota was for me a perfect personal choice, which I am truly thankful for.”

Joanna Wroblewska, , Visual artist and teacher

“Dorota Klop-Sowinska is a wonderful coach; her style is very professional as well as personal; her method effective and target oriented. Springer has benefitted from her coaching sessions and I fully endorse her skills and methods.”

“Dorota was a great help and very supportive. The training was very professional prepared and showed her high level of proficiency and knowledge in the world of personal coaching. Her hints and advises well guided me in my job search in the Netherlands. Especially her practical advises added high value for me.”

Olta Kamenov

“Dorota supported us in a relocation project, she offered coaching for expat partners who were searching for a job. We received positive feedback and are happy to hear that some of the partners succeeded in finding a job in the Netherlands.”.

“We hired Dorota to help us find a common corporate identity in a company of ten staff with eight different cultural backgrounds. Her seminar was informative and the information presented immediately actionable. A job well done!”

Paul W. Bieniawski, , CEO Zechstein Energy Storage

“Dorota helped me to find my passion! She was a great coach. I felt that she has a great insight into the minds of women in career transition.”

Hope, , The Hague

“Dorota led a customized workshop for Polish entrepreneurs in The Netherlands called “Leaders in Business”, organized by the Trade an Investment Promotion Section of The Polish Embassy in the Hague together with the Association of Polish-Dutch Entrepreneurs VPNO (Vereniging Pools-Nederlandse Ondernemers (www.vpno.nl). Workshop was a great success thanks to Dorota’s excellent coaching skills, creativity, sensitivity and professionalism! Through exciting and fun group exercises for enhancing leadership skills, carried out in amazing, comfortable atmosphere, participants gained more self-awareness, self-confidence and knowledge how to maximize their full potential as business leaders. It was a remarkable and inspiring experience to all of the participants. We hope for future cooperation with Dorota in organizing trainings for directors, owners and managers of Polish companies on the Dutch market. Thumbs up!”

Career BootCamp

“Dorota provided a structured and open environment where I explored my career goals. The choices I have are more clear now and the way to achieve career happiness seems more attainable.”

Anna, , The Hague

“Amazing to analyse myself in this workshop. I feel much more motivated myself. I recommend it to everyone. Dorota is really helping you to understand yourself and find out your career.”

P.P., , The Hague

“I had an eye opening experience during this workshop. Dorota, thank you for becoming a coach because you have helped me to change my career path!”

C.H., , The Hague

“Dorota’s plan is a great guide to concrete plans, it helps you to identify what are you looking for & gives you tools to actively pursuit it with realistic plans. Great for boosting your self confidence and accelerate the process of taking action.”

D.S., , The Hague

Job Search Coaching

“Dorota was a great help and very supportive. The training was very professional prepared and showed her high level of proficiency and knowledge in the world of personal coaching. Her hints and advises well guided me in my job search in the Netherlands. Especially her practical advises added high value for me.”

Olta Kamenov

“Dorota’s program helped me hugely with both building my confidence and providing valuable insights and tips for interview techniques. Her input and advice for putting together my cv was crucial – she enabled me to identify my strengths and key achievements and to put together my cv in a manner that efficiently demonstrates this. After eleven years out of the work place, I was offered the position in the first and second job interview I attended.”

Emma, , Amsterdam

“Very efficient support for the job search. The focus during the program was always on the most important points. It has short-cutted the whole job search and was very successful. I can recommend the job hunt services.”

Klaus, , Amsterdam

Professional Coaching

“Coaching made me aware of the impact my behavior had on my direct colleagues and customers. This awareness—coupled with Dorota’s compassion, empathy, and insightfulness—allowed me toidentify and address the core issues that contributed to the behavior I sought to change. The DoSo! coaching experience was a very positive one. I highly recommend it to those looking for self-improvement techniques to cope and achieve success in an ever changing world.”.

T.A.M. Moerland-Torpey, , Springer

Career Coaching

“My coaching relationship with Dorota has been very worthwhile. Having never worked with a coach, I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the first emails, she was a consummate professional — warm, encouraging, yet focused on helping me achieve my professional goals. Through our sessions over a year, I explored my strengths through some very insightful and interesting exercises and developed steps and plans to make progress. I got re-connected with the core of what drives me — an altogether rewarding experience.”

E.S., Director of Human Resources, , Global energy company, Amsterdam

“Dorota has helped me more than I thought when I began the coaching process. I expected to work out the next steps of my professional future, which I did, but coaching with her also helped me a lot in my process of assimilation in the Netherlands. She has taught me important lessons and led me to understand how the answer is always inside me and how I can listen better. Thanks to her, along the way I discovered what my contributions can be (not always exactly what I thought!), what is a “must” for me if I am to be happy at a job, and how I can be more assertive and stand up for what I think is right for me. The future has still to reveal itself, but I feel that I now have essential tools, which make me ready to build that for myself.”

Yolí (Mexico), , Amsterdam

“Dorota’s great methods and techniques have made me focus on what I really want to accomplish personally and professionally. She has helped me to make my decisions in pursuing what really makes me happy and thanks to her skillful support and resources, my own business plans are now real. Her coaching is definitely results-oriented!”

M.S. (Spain),, Amsterdam

“Working with Dorota has been an absolute pleasure. She listened closely to my needs and developed a program that helped come closer to reaching my career goals. I learned a lot about what drives me to be successful. I recommend her services to anyone seeking insight about themselves and their career motivations.”

Lauren (USA),, Amsterdam

“Dorota is a wonderful coach – she is a great listener and she asked me all the questions that had to be answered for me to move on, but I was too afraid to approach myself. She helped me through a 6 month journey of self re-discovery, which was tailored to my needs at any particular time. This process had helped me to build my self confidence and define where I want to be in the future. It’s been a hugely positive and enriching experience.”

Katya (Russia), , Marketing Manager

“Dorota really helped me understand what I was looking for in a job by asking the right questions. She made me more conscious of I deep down wanted, instead of what everyone including myself were expecting me to do. When I was looking for an easy way out, she “forced” me to dig deeper into the material and really get to the heart of the problem. Soon after I found a job that fits me very well and enables me to combine my professional life with my personal life with little children.”

Karien (NL), , Amsterdam

Life / Expat Coaching

“As a successful professional, everybody thinks you don’t need help to make the right choices, identify your opportunities, overcome insecurities. However, no matter how capable and successful you can be, every once in a while, you’ll encounter difficulties that don’t necessarily lead you to a psychological therapy, but require advice from an objective point of view. Coaching sessions with Dorota were exactly that. Her knowledge and emotional skills provided me with a personal space to express insecurities and doubts and find great answers for them. I completely recommend people to try coaching. It’s the quickest way to discover your potential.”

Dayla, , The Hague

“The strength of Dorota’s coaching lies, in my opinion, in her ability to adapt her techniques and exercises to the client. I work in a creative industry and am constantly faced with the challenge of finding a balance between income-earning projects and making space for more creative, dreamy ventures that may not have immediate financial benefits but are key to who I am. Dorota understood that perfectly and adapted our sessions to be both playful and serious. I felt at ease discussing all manner of topics with Dorota – sometimes personal traits or stumbling blocks did come up – and I felt supported throughout the process, both in our sessions and outside of them. Dorota also gave me the courage to honestly explore my financial expectations of my career. A month after identifying my financial target, I managed to reach it… Probably the greatest gift Dorota gave me was to challenge my preconceptions and thinking patterns. I was opened to new ways of seeing myself and my career in the world. I find I now operate with greater confidence.”

“Through an individual Quick-Fix Expat Coaching Program Dorota helped me build resilience to the challenges of being an expat and loosing a job abroad. I gained an insight into what type of career is most suitable for me, and a vision on how to start my own business. Most valuable, however, was to learn how to overcome the disconnect between personal and professional success, how to harmonize my work competences and personality traits. Dorota’s sessions are very engaging. She puts you at ease discussing important life topics and keeps you on the right pace to assure you achieve your objectives. She is truly genuine and inspiring coach!”

Iliana (USA), , Utrecht

“Insightful, direct, and constructive. Dorota reveals how to override your automatic pilot and become more effective professionally, and simply a better dad, partner and friend. Make time for it.”

Company Director, , Utrecht

“In case you want a wonderful, warm-hearted coach to give you a hand to settle in: Dorota should be your first choice. Her flexiblity, sensivity, practical and psychological advise have brought me on the right track and were a surivival guarantee during the first very tough times in the Netherlands. Thanks so much, it was great.:-)”.

Rafael (Germany), Amsterdam, Amsterdam


“We chose to kick-off 2012 with the workshop “What are my talents” for our Elsevier Women’s Network members. It was highly received as a good start to get the priorities aligned in personal and professional talents and Dorota was well prepared. The members were highly enthusiastic with the interactive exercise how one is perceived by peers. It was an all-round informative as well as interactive session.”

Elsevier Women's Network,, Elsevier, Amsterdam

“Dorota’s workshop about cultural differences was interesting, useful, and a lot of fun. We learned how cultures differ from each other through theory, excercises and discussions. Dorota really got the group engaged, and everyone felt encouraged to share their opinions and experiences with the group. It was a fun afternoon, where we all learned to understand each other a little better.”

“Dorota’s Portable Career Workshop highlighted for me the most meaningful aspects of the jobs I’ve held in the past, what was missing, and provided valuable guidance on how to incorporate my natural talents into my next job or new career. After the workshop you will see ‘being an expat’ not as an obstacle in your career, but as an opportunity for career growth or change.”

Iliana (USA), , Utrecht

“In the portable career workshop I had the chance to gain certainty about things I had only intuited before regarding what I really want and what I’m good for. This gave me clarity and with clarity came a sense of relief and new energy.”

Lilia (Mexico), , Amsterdam

“Having been intrigued by the title “My New Self”, I took the risk and came to this workshop, although I was not really sure what I could get from this abstract title on practice. However, what I did get from it went far beyond my expectations. With the help of various exercises, professionally selected by Dorota, I experienced something which I unconsciously needed to reconcile myself with the “past” life and establish firm emotional and psychological ground to succeed in my “new” life. Diving deep into myself, touching sensitive identity and relationship strings as well as becoming aware of other people’s perceptions of me, I obtained a comprehensive picture of the transformation of my “self” which necessarily occurred when I moved to another country. I would like to sincerely thank Dorota for her support, openness and ability to create such an atmosphere in a group that everyone feels confident and willing to explore new horizons of his/her personality.”

Evgenia (Russia), , The Hague

“Joining the Portable Career workshop was an inspiring and productive experience. Through 3 hours working together with Dorota, myself and two other expat women could share our life experiences and learn more about our talents and meaningful factors of work. By understanding and filtering the ones that are most important for us we could think about what our mission in life is and how we could use this to have a ‘portable’ career. All of this was possible because we were challenged by Dorota with the right questions and happy with her warmness and empathy. The portable career workshop has definitely had an impact on my way of thinking. Last but not least, luckily, I have become good friends with the other participants of the workshop.”

Adriana M.T. de Andrade (Brazil),, Amsterdam

“After moving to another country and being unemployed for the first time, I have lost track of my natural strengths and talents. Through a series of exercises that flowed well together and thinking deeply about questions Dorota asked, I was able to rediscover my talents. Dorota has a natural ability (her own talents) to show compassion, make others feel comfortable around her, and ask questions that make you dive deeper into your conscious. With her help I left the Talent workshop feeling confident in my talents and who I am.”

Heather (USA),, Amsterdam

“I recently attended a series of three inspirational, small group workshops for expat women facilitated by certified counselor/coach Dorota Klop-Sowinska. In the first workshop, we vocalized our short and long term life goals and used cleverly created exercises to actualize the realization of the goals, eliminating any non-essential pathways. In the second workshop we analyzed our family history, personality traits, and values to see who we are and how we can use this information to achieve our goals. In the third workshop, my personal favorite, we refocused on our life goals and turned hesitance and negativity into positive steps toward achievement. As a follow-up we reviewed cultural difference aspects of our home country to the country of our expat experience so we could visualize how we can fit in, contribute, and grow.”

Jean Griffith (USA), , Sao Paulo

“I went to the workshop “Portable Career” with many expectations and could experience during a few hours a really in-depth coaching. I felt I could trust Dorota with my feelings and thoughts, even though we had just met. The exercises were very helpful. I left the workshop feeling motivated and with a clearer idea of what I want in my professional life.”

Julia (Brazil), , Rotterdam

“The workshops were excellent for helping me rediscover parts of myself that deep down I knew existed but had forgotten. They also provided opportunities to focus solely on myself without distractions or guilt. Thanks Dorota!”

Lisa (Canada), , Sao Paulo

“At Outpost the Hague we were pleased with the response to Dorota’s, DoSo! Coaching and Counseling workshop – “What do I want to achieve in my career?” A diverse range of participants fully engaged with the well designed, thought provoking exercises presented at the workshop and appreciated Dorota’s warm, insightful facilitation of the session. Feedback from participants at the workshop was positive and accordingly we would recommend this workshop to others.”

Shell Outpost the Hague, , The Hague

“I have thoroughly enjoyed our workshop “What do I want?”. Thanks to your acute listening skills and your sharp ability to ask the right question at the right time you are able to provide your client with the adequate level of self-insight needed to make a step and get closer to his/her goal.” Dorota’s keen ability to keep the workshops moving forward using innovative exercises, focused questioning, and excellent listening skills made for a very enjoyable and beneficial experience. I met interesting people, and I left each workshop feeling elated and confident about my new expat life.”

Patricia Sallé (France), , Amsterdam
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