Expat Employees

International employees are faced not only with a new job but also with a new culture of the company and country. In order to make a transition and start of the new job smooth DoSo! offers individual coaching.

It can also happen that company wants to invest further in the professional development of its expat employee or is faced with not optimal functioning of an employee. In this situations DoSo! offers custom-made coaching programs geared towards achieving the desired results.

Examples of the programs offered by DoSo! Coaching

Individual programs

Coaching on competencies

  • Assessment of the core competences required to fulfill the job

  • Assessment of the employees strengths and weaknesses related to the core competencies

  • Improvement on the competences required to fulfill the job for example:

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication skills

  • Entrepreneurship skills

  • Client focus

  • Working in an international team / company

  • Understanding the new culture

Group programs

Cultural training & cross-cultural communication

The cultural training program focuses on understanding the culture of the expat and the Dutch culture. Program The program includes the following topics:

  • Theory of culture & models

  • Cultural dimensions (Hofstede)

  • Culture types (Lewis)

  • Understanding own cultural blueprint

  • Learning & understanding the Dutch cultural blueprint

  • Cultural history, religion & society

  • Behavioral patterns: i.e. communication style

  • Business culture: meetings, decision making process, management style, leadership style

  • Assessing the similarities and gaps between own and Dutch culture

  • Learning how to effectively bridge the cultural gaps

  • Learning how to effectively communicate

This trainings are always tailor made to the needs of the company /expat and are based on the country of origin of the expat.

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What will expat employees achieve thanks to these programs?

Understand how Dutch culture and Dutch colleagues work. Feel more confident in their work. Avoid misunderstandings and improve competences necessary to successfully perform at their job. Please subscribe to a free 20 minutes phone call if you want to find out more or if you are ready to register.
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