The mission of DoSo! can be expressed in one sentence: “Become who you are!” It means that you already have all the potential in you. Some of us are aware of it, some of us need a helping hand to see it and embrace it fully. DoSo! can give you a hand so you can fully enjoy the life that you want for yourself.


DoSo! offers short-time coaching / counseling from 6 till 15 sessions based on your needs. Each session lasts 60 minutes. Every coaching / counseling program starts with an intake meeting. The objective of the intake is to set up the clear objectives and deliverables of coaching and decide on the focus areas for counseling. There, it is also being decided how many sessions are needed, how often the meetings are taking place. It is also the moment to see whether there is a good click between you and the coach and whether both parties want to work further together. Next to the individual sessions, DoSo! Coaching & Counseling offers workshops. You can participate in the workshop alone or with your girlfriend(s). This is a fun and creative way to discover what is important for you in your life, what are your talents and what you want to achieve in your life. The workshops last from 2 – 4 hours depending on the subject.

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between coachee and coach. It is a method of guiding a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve a desired goal or develop specific skills both in private and professional life. There are various techniques and methods used in coaching. The approach used at DoSo! is called the integrative approach. It means that the person, not a technique or a method, stands in the spotlight.

Coaching is not about giving you the best advise. Coaching is about asking questions so that you can find your own way in whatever you do that brings you joy and fulfillment.


For the rates please call +31 (0) 6 13 253 655 or send an e-mail to: info@dosocoaching.com.

The introduction phone call is free of charge (20 minutes). To schedule a free phone call please fill in the contact form using the following link

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I am registered in HBO Register van Beroepsbeoefenaren in de Natuurlijke Gezondheidszorg (RBNG). Additionally I am a member of European Association for Counselling

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What will you achieve thanks to coaching?

Become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Understand if your current career enables you to master your strengths or forces you to keep on developing your weaknesses. Increase your self confidence. Please subscribe to a free 20 minutes phone call if you want to find out more or if you are ready to register.
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