Why hire an expat coach?

The Global Relocation Trends Survey from 2012 showed that the most common reasons for turning down assignments, were family concerns, partner’s career, and employee career aspirations. Additionally, when asked which family challenges were critical to companies, respondents mentioned family adjustment, children’s education, and partner resistance as the top three reasons.

Stress resulting from a long lasting feeling of dissatisfaction of the partner can have a negative effect on the whole family and on the expat employee in particular leading to less efficiency at work and in some cases to the early termination of the international assignment, or even break-up of the family.

What can expat coach offer you?

The following programs are available. DoSo! also offers the possibility to design a custom-made program based on the needs of the company and expat. All the programs are available on individual and group basis.

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Expat coaching

For whom?

  • The expat partners that need more emotional support

  • The expat partners that decide not to work

Thanks to the program the expat partner will:

  • Learn how the move abroad affects his/hers identity and how to deal with it

  • Recognize the cultural differences and understand how they affect him/her

  • Learn how to manage the culture shock in each phase

  • Learn how to set up a social network in a new country

  • Set up new goals in life

  • Get back the sense of direction in his/hers (new) life

Job search coaching

Job search coaching is meant for people who:

  • Know what kind of job they are looking for, but:

  • Are struggling with finding it

  • Feel stuck in the search process

  • Want to have a CV that gets noticed

  • Need more confidence during the interviews

The Results:

  • The expat partner will decide on next career steps

  • The expat partner will get the job / start the business he /she wants

(Portable) Career Coaching

For whom?

  • The expat partners that want to work / start own company

  • The expat partners that want to change their career path

The program consists of:

  • Biography – understanding your past career choices

  • Self-analysis: values and beliefs

  • My strengths: Top talents & skills

  • Motivation: passions & life mission

  • Exploration phase: (creating ideas, networking, etc.)

  • Making concrete action plan

  • Updating the CV and cover letter to Dutch standards

  • Preparation for the interview in the Netherlands

  • Making first decisions (sending CV, interviews)

  • Getting the job you want

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What will expat partner achieve thanks to these programs?

Control over their expat life. Full clarity over their next career steps. Insights about most effective ways to find a job in the Netherlands. Please subscribe to a free 20 minutes phone call if you want to find out more or if you are ready to register.
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