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Is coaching / counseling something for me?2013-09-30T21:41:00+02:00

I always offer 20 minutes free phone call when we discuss if the coaching / counseling is the best option for you.

Where are the sessions taking place?2013-09-30T21:40:48+02:00

Depending on where are you located the sessions can take place virtually, in my office in Amsterdam or in case of corporate coaching at your office.

What is happening in between the session?2013-09-30T21:40:37+02:00

I often work based on ‘homework’ assignment. This can mean writing things down, doing an assessment or observing own behavior, experimenting with the new behaviour etc.

How many sessions are necessary?2013-09-30T21:40:26+02:00

I work based on the packages of 6, 8 and 12 sessions depending on the topic.

How long is each session?2013-09-30T21:40:14+02:00

All sessions last 90 minutes unless decided differently.

How often are the sessions taking place?2013-09-30T21:40:02+02:00

You can have sessions weekly, every two – three weeks or once per month. It depends on the type of question you have and urgency. However remember that coaching is the process. Most of my clients schedule sessions every two weeks.

What is the difference between coaching, counseling and therapy?2013-09-30T21:39:48+02:00

Many people are confused about the differences between coaching, counseling and therapy. The table below gives a brief overview of main differences between those three.

Coaching Counseling Psychotherapy
Primary focus Coaching focuses on here and now in order to achieve future goals. Counseling focuses on the present and past time in order to function better. Psychotherapy focuses on the past (which often includes some form of trauma). It deals with the healing of emotional pain.
For whom For people who want to achieve goals. For people who want overcome a temporary crisis, manage stress and create self awareness. For people who want to heal the past.
Goal Learn new skills, achieve and set goals. Understand and get insight. Resolve old pain.
Subject focus Action, goals. Feelings, behavior. Feelings, trauma’s.
Questions asked How? What? What? Why? Why?
Relationship Partnership Partnership Patient-doctor
Timeframe Short-term Short / Medium-term Long-term


What is counseling?2013-09-30T21:39:04+02:00

Counseling is working with a client who feels at the moment uncomfortable, or dissatisfied with hers/his life. Counseling focuses on the problem. Sometimes as a consequence of certain live events that happen in our lives we feel lost and don’t know which way to go anymore.

Counseling is more about understanding why we act in certain way, what blocks us in our lives, looking back at our early years and understanding them. During counseling you focus on the past and present experiences in order to create self awareness and knowledge. It involves discussing emotional matters, thinking patterns, behaviors, and unresolved issues. So that you can get unstuck and forward with your life.

What do I achieve thanks to coaching?2013-09-30T21:38:51+02:00

First of all thanks to coaching it becomes clear what are your real goals in life. Do you live the life that makes you happy? Do you use your potential to the maximum? The second step is to find a way to meet your goals. No one knows us better than ourselves but we are also often unaware of the motives of our behavior. Sometimes, even if we know what we want for one reason or another we cannot achieve it. Through asking questions I will help you to lit the light on the parts of yourself you can be unconscious about.

For whom is coaching?2013-09-30T21:38:40+02:00

Coaching is meant for people who stand firm on their feet and who are looking for a partner that helps  them to realize their goals in order to live the life they want to have.

What is coaching?2013-09-30T21:38:26+02:00

Coaching is a partnership between coachee and coach. It is a method of guiding a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve a desired goal or develop specific skills both in private and professional life. There are various techniques and methods used in coaching. The approach used at DoSo! is called the integrative approach. It means that the person, not a technique or a method, stands in the spotlight.

Coaching is not about giving you the best advise. Coaching is about asking questions so that you can find your own way in whatever you do that brings you joy and fulfillment.

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