Are you an expat who wants to:

  • Learn how the move overseas impacts your identity

  • Recognize the cultural differences and see how they impact you

  • Learn how to maintain contact with your Self while living abroad

  • Re-discover your old talents and learn how to use them in the new environment

  • Discover your new talents

  • Set up new goals in your life

  • Get back the sense of direction in your (new) life

  • Discover that living abroad can be a unique opportunity for personal growth

then DoSo! Expat Coaching is a place for you to start your personal growth. You can choose one of the workshops (see Workshop tab) or the individual sessions.

Why expat coaching?

The aim of expat coaching is to assist you in finding a balanced and happy life once living abroad away from your home country. Living abroad can be very exciting but can be also a cause of anxiety, stress and homesickness.

Expat coaching can help you in building a bridge between your ‘old’ and ‘new’ life. How can I have a meaningful life while living abroad? What new roles and relationships I want and am I willing to go for? What gives me back my feeling of security?

During the coaching sessions you will find the answers to those questions and will learn to fully enjoy your ‘new’ expat life.

expat coaching

In case you want a wonderful, warm-hearted coach to give you a hand to settle in: Dorota should be your first choice. Her flexibility, sensitivity, practical and psychological advise have brought me on the right track and were a survival guarantee during the first very tough times in the Netherlands. Thanks so much, it was great.:-)

Rafael, , Amsterdam, April 2012

Expat Coaching via Skype

DoSo! offers a new solution for expats, coaching via Skype or telephone. Wherever in the world you are, you can benefit from this online coaching solution. Are you preparing to leave abroad for new assignment? The expat coaching sessions can help you greatly to make a good start. Are you already living abroad and struggling with settling down or simply need help to get things clear for yourself? The expat coaching Skype sessions can assist you in feeling at home in a new place, making new priorities and having more fulfilled life. How does it work?

1. The first step is to arrange a free ‘get-to-know-each-other’ session via Skype/telephone. The session last 20 minutes. During this session we will discuss your question / problem and you will learn about my way of working. There we will also decide if we want to continue further.

2. The second step is a full intake session via Skype/telephone and it takes 60 minutes. The objective of the intake is to set up the clear objectives and deliverables of expat coaching /counseling and decide on the focus areas. There, we would also decide how many sessions are needed and how often are the meetings taking place.

3. The third step is a coaching program which is designed based on your needs and your specific question or problem. You can choose out of three programs. On a special request an individual program would be designed.

Topic / Program Silver Gold Diamond
Number of sessions 6 x 60 minutes 8 x 60 minutes 12 x 60 minutes
Duration 6 weeks (session every) 2-3 months (sessions every 2 – 3 weeks) 6 months (sessions every 2 weeks)
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What will you achieve thanks to this program?

Get back the feeling of control over your life. Feel confident again. Please subscribe to a free 20 minutes phone call if you want to find out more or if you are ready to register.
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