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Why Career Coaching?

We spent hours, days, months and years at work. How we function at work has a great impact on our functioning in all other areas. That is why it is so important to have work that we truly enjoy. And when do we enjoy working? When the job that we do is our passion.

During the career coaching at DoSo! you will find out which career path is right for you and what steps you need to take to achieve your professional goals. Furthermore, you will discover what stops you from getting where you want to be and how to overcome those obstacles. During coaching sessions you will discover your talents, skills and you will learn how to develop confidence in yourself. At last, you will create your personal action plan to ensure you meet your goals.


Yes, if you are ready for the next career step: promotion, career switch, leadership function. Yes, if you want to get in charge of where your career is heading towards.

Full insight into your values, talents, life purpose. Aware choices. Action plan. Steps taken!
Topic / Program Diamond Gold
Objective Meant for internationals who want
to change their career path and wish extended support
Meant for internationals who want
to change their career path
Number of sessions 12 x 90 minutes 10 x 90 minutes
Duration 9 months (sessions every 2 – 3 weeks)
plus weekly update via phone call
6 months (session every 2 – 3 weeks)
plus weekly update via email

cross culture path

What will you achieve thanks to career coaching?

  • Find the career you have always dreamed about

  • Make aware career choices

  • Create your own unique career path

  • Create a step by step action plan for the next 1, 3, 5 + years

  • Get promoted

  • Successfully manage your career transition = get into position/profession you want to be in

  • Learn how to set and reach your professional goals

  • Develop competencies necessary to achieve your career goals

  • Become self-confident

DoSo! Career Circle Model

Based on years of experience DoSo! has designed its own unique Career Circle Model in order to make sure that when you choose your next career step you will not miss a thing. Career Circle Model is a step-by-step approach that focuses on amongst others your strengths & talents, values, passion and life mission in order for you to design a best-fit career path.

Latest Feedback From Clients

Dorota’s great methods and techniques have made me focus on what I really want to accomplish personally and professionally. She has helped me to make my decisions in pursuing what really makes me happy and thanks to her skillful support and resources, my own business plans are now real. Her coaching is definitely results-oriented!

M.S.,, Amsterdam

Dorota really helped me understand what I was looking for in a job by asking the right questions. She made me more conscious of I deep down wanted, instead of what everyone including myself were expecting me to do. When I was looking for an easy way out, she “forced” me to dig deeper into the material and really get to the heart of the problem. Soon after I found a job that fits me very well and enables me to combine my professional life with my personal life with little children.

Karien (NL).,, Amsterdam

My coaching relationship with Dorota has been very worthwhile. Having never worked with a coach, I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the first emails, she was a consummate professional — warm, encouraging, yet focused on helping me achieve my professional goals. Through our sessions over a year, I explored my strengths through some very insightful and interesting exercises and developed steps and plans to make progress. I got re-connected with the core of what drives me — an altogether rewarding experience.

E.S.,, Director of Human Resources, global energy company
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What will you achieve thanks to these programs?

Full insight into your values, talents, life purpose. Aware choices. Action plan. Steps taken! Please subscribe to a free 20 minutes phone call if you want to find out more or if you are ready to register.
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