Outplacement and Looking Forward

The outplacement program of DoSo! Coaching & Counseling provides the necessary psychological support for the first weeks, followed up with self-empowering coaching sessions, practical exercises and techniques and on-going personal support via face-to-face, phone and email in order to safeguard that the employee will find a new employment as soon as possible. The outplacement program is always custom-made based on the needs of an employee and employer.

The outplacement program consists of several steps that are divided in three main pillars.


The outplacement program is often offered to an employee as a part of a dismissal procedure. That often means that the employee has not voluntarily resigned from the job. As a result an employee can develop all sort of negative feelings such as frustration, anger, fear and sadness. This can have a very negative impact on employee’s well being and decrease his/her chances of getting quickly new employment. In order for an employee to make the next steps and focus on the present and future, it is necessary to first understand what happened and take a stock of lessons learnt.


In this part we focus on self-analysis. The employee will discover, through the means of various exercises and assessments, what are his/her work related values, core qualities, competencies and talents, skills, interests. Based on the in-depth analysis and during the brain-storming phase, employee will together with the coach identify the next career steps and choose the position that fits him/her best. This phase ends with a detailed action plan for the next career transition steps.


This part focuses on finding the future employment and consists of the following parts:

  • Job market in the Netherlands (tailor-made to the specific situation of the employee)

  • Understanding the specifics of the Dutch working culture and Dutch employment market

  • Defining a strategy for employee’s job search

  • Making a detailed action plan

  • Training on how to write an effective CV and Cover Letter according to Dutch standards

  • Review of the CV / CL by coach

  • Training on how to approach hidden job market in the Netherlands

  • Training on how to use social media in job search (LinkedIn)

  • Re-write (in case necessary) of the LinkedIn profile

  • Training on how to use own network in order to get a job

  • Training on the effective networking skills

  • Training on the interview skills

  • Assistance in finding the right vacancies

Additionally the employee will receive the following documents to support the job search:

  • A list of recruiters and job boards in the Netherlands

  • A CV / Cover Letter writing guide / templates

  • A guide “How to prepare for a successful interview in the Netherlands”

DoSo! also helps to connect with the right recruiters and offers access to its big professional network.

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What will expat employee achieve thanks to this program?

Understand and get over dismissal. Get clarity on own's strengths and map out the next career steps. Boosted self-confidence. New JOB! Please subscribe to a free 20 minutes phone call if you want to find out more or if you are ready to register.
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