Why Mental Strength NOW?

Corona crisis has put a lot of us and our brains in a threat state and worst of all has isolated us from each other. Building up resilience and mental strength are KEY in those extremely difficult times.

Do you finally want to get free of the inner negative chatter in your brain, that tells you:

“You are not good enough.”

“You will never succeed.”

“Others are so much better.”

Which results in feeling anxious, stressed, unhappy, unfulfilled, frustrated, regretful, guilt, and simply put unhappy.

It is time to put a STOP to it.

mental strength

Take control over your brain!

The honest truth is, if you do not take control over your brain. Your brain will take control over you.

In the past year, I have partnered with Shirzad Chamine, the CEO and the founder of Positive Intelligence to offer his breakthrough flagship program to my own clients.

Shirzad Chamine, is the author of the New York Times best-selling book, Positive Intelligence, and a Stanford lecturer. He’s taken his breakthrough research in neuroscience and the data he’s collected from over 500,000 people in 50 different countries (including CEO’s, athletes, Stanford students, sales, operations, and technology teams) to create a 6-week program that helps people rewire their brain for more happiness and success.

Three Core Muscles of Mental Fitness

Saboteurs Interceptor Muscle

Almost all negative emotions (such as guilt, shame, self-doubt, anxiety, fear, stress, frustration, anger, etc.) are caused by Saboteurs. During the program you learn what your own Saboteurs are and how to label them and intercept them. Want to find out which Saboteurs are hijacking your happiness and goals, take a free assessment.

Sage Muscle

All positive emotions (such as love, appreciation, curiosity, joy, inspiration, gratitude, passion) have their origins in Sage. By learning how to use the power of 5 Sage Powers, you are strengthening those muscles in your brain that are responsible for tapping into your empathy, inner wisdom, clarity, curiosity.

Self-Command Muscle

If we could command our mind, we would never need any form of external help. Yet we do not spend almost any attention and effort in commanding our brain. Thanks to short and consistent mental exercises (PQ reps) based on mindfulness you learn how to increase control over your brain. And the best part is that you can watch your mental muscles grow.

The 6 weeks Mental Strength Intensive Program

Sustained change requires 20% insight and 80% mental muscle. Knowing what to do is not enough; improving our mental strength requires time, practice and consistency.

The strength of our mental muscles depends on a ratio between the positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative ones (Saboteur). Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) is the measure of your mental strength. The higher the PQ the more happiness, wellbeing, high performance you will experience in your life. The lower the PQ the more life and work will be experienced as a struggle, cause stress, anxiety, self-doubt. Do you want to do a FREE check of your own PQ Score.

Great news is, that thanks to the 6-week program you can significantly increase your PQ muscle.

Included in the Mental Fitness Intensive program:

  • Group Coaching 7 x 1 hour in a group of 4 – 6 people on Mondays or Tuesdays, to enhance the learning, create insights, accountability, share stories, support and motivate each other. All group coaching calls are run personally by me, your Coach.

  • Video lessons 6 x 1 hour of video lesson provided in the PQ / Mental Fitness app, presented by Shirzad Chamine, to be watched in the weekends.

  • Exclusive PQ App 15-30 minutes/day of Coach Challenge and PQ Reps practice on the Positive Intelligence app.

  • Positive Intelligence book 8 chapters of Positive Intelligence book (PDF provided/audio version available in the app).

  • Support & Accountability Weekly email support from me, your Coach. Community app to make sure you are getting the best out of the program and daily accountability check-in.

The Breakthrough Results:

  • Within 6-8 weeks of mental fitness training you’d be able to see the results in MRI imaging:

  • Increased grey matter in the PQ Brain region, where your Sage lives

  • Decreased grey matter in the Survivor Brain region, where your Saboteurs live

  • Improved relationships

  • Increased confidence

  • Increased happiness

  • Increased well-being

  • Increased productivity

  • Your own PERSONAL GOAL

Program Logistics

  • Start date – 13 September 2021

  • Only 20 seats available | 5 people max per group

  • Two separate groups will start on the following dates & times

  • Monday, September 13 at 19:00

  • Tuesday, September 14 at 19:00

  • Deadline to register August 31st

  • HELL YES! => Email I’m in dorota@dosocoaching.com


Maybe you’re still hesitating if a program is something for you. I understand. You need to experience this program to believe it. That’s why I offer an iron-clad 14-day guarantee. Just send me an email and I will send you a full refund. No questions asked.

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What will you achieve thanks to Mental Strength Intensive?

Control over your own mind. Stop procrastinating, start acting. Boost your self-confidence. Improved communication & relationships. Happiness. Fulfilment. Subscribe to a free 20 minutes phone call if you want to find out more or if you are ready to register.
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