Cultural training & cross-cultural communication

The cultural training program focuses on understanding the home culture of the expat and the Dutch culture, the similarities and the differences between the two.

Cultural Training Program

The program includes the following topics:

  • Theory of culture & models

  • Cultural dimensions (Hofstede)

  • Culture types (Lewis)

  • Understanding own cultural blueprint

  • Learning & understanding the Dutch cultural blueprint

  • Cultural history, religion & society

  • Behavioral patterns: i.e. communication style

  • Business culture: meetings, decision making process, management style, leadership style

  • Assessing the similarities and gaps between own and Dutch culture

  • Learning how to effectively bridge the cultural gaps

  • Learning how to effectively communicate

This trainings are always tailor made to the needs of the company /expat partner and are based on the country of origin of the expat partner.

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What will expat employees achieve thanks to this program?

Understand how Dutch culture works and how Dutch colleagues think. Avoid misunderstandings that will allow them to focuses solely on their job! Please subscribe to a free 20 minutes phone call if you want to find out more or if you are ready to register.
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