“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi 

The thing that bothers most of my clients is not that their salary is too low or that they haven’t received the promised promotion.

The thing that keeps them awake at night is that they are not creating the impact in the world that they dream off. They feel that time is ticking away while they have not yet managed to transition their career into the right direction.

They feel stuck, disappointed and frustrated.

Do you feel the same? I did for many years. But you don’t have to. You can start by creating your ripple effect today.

The ripple effect

What does it mean to create a ripple effect? Very simply it means that your positive action(s) will inspire others to do good in the world as well. There are so many different ways and forms of making this place a better one. I have many clients who are busy with solving the problem of plastic waste, animal cruelty, preserving nature, improving the well-being of children, improving the ways companies do business so they become more sustainable. I also have clients who want to inspire others. They want to become coaches, trainers, speakers etc. Everyone has a cause that he or she cares deeply about.

What do you care about? What keeps you awake at night?

Imagine how would you feel, once you start working on the things you truly care about. Imagine that you work for the organization whose mission is close to yours. Imagine that you start your own business through which you can create endless ripples.

The need to contribute is at the top of the iceberg of our human needs. Fulfilling that need is an ultimate way for having not only a happy life but also a truly meaningful one. You cannot ignore that huge force that keeps you awake at night and pushes you to do more, to be more.

Once you start being busy with your impact, your contribution, your ripple effect, I guarantee that you will feel:

  • Powerful and strong
  • Grateful
  • Meaningful
  • Happy
  • Inspired
  • Motivated

Many of my clients went through a coaching process in order to be able to come to the point of creating their own ripple effect and many of them succeeded.

Myself, I try to create ripple effects in many different ways. First of all, I help my clients to create their own, that’s already creating not only a ripple but a wave as I experience it. I also write articles, like this one to inspire others to change and to become the best version of themselves. If you read this article and you will implement even only one thing out of it, you will then go on and inspire others to do the same. And so the effect spreads itself.

5 ways to create your own ripple effect

So now let’s talk about 5 different ways you can start TODAY. Don’t complain you haven’t done it yesterday. Don’t promise yourself you will start tomorrow. Start now! Start today!

1.  Get clear on what you really care about

That’s the starting point. You need to become aware of what is it that you care about and where you want to see your impact. Don’t hide behind saying that you don’t know. Deep down inside we all know. If you have troubles with finding it now, have a look at my other article about discovering your life mission. Don’t over-agonize on choosing the one perfect cause, just start with one thing that makes your heart beat faster. It will evolve anyway, just start. The biggest benefit is getting you to move and experience the feeling.

2.  Start sharing

What is the best way to create a ripple effect? By spreading the news about it. So start writing or talking about it to others. It doesn’t matter that you are not an expert on the topic. What matters is that you care. And you surely know one thing better about the topic than 90% of the population. The experts are not born, they become one by starting to be interested. Just start by writing a short article on the topic you love. Or talk for 2 minutes in front of your camera and post it on social media or send to your friends. Sounds too scary? Send it to me – dorota@dosocoaching!

3. Talk to someone about your mission

Talk to a positive, supporting person about the things that you care about and ask this person what she/he cares about. That’s the best way to initiate the spark in others. That can also help you to further form your own ideas on how you can have the impact you dream of having and you can inspire the other person to do the same. You can also become buddies and talk periodically about what are the things you are going to do and keep each other inspired and accountable.

4.  Help an organization/person you care about

You do not always need to revolutionize your whole life and career, that often doesn’t happen in a day. But you can help someone today. The best way to stop feeling helpless is to help someone else. So whom are you going to help today?

5. Get inspired

Inspiration leads to action. We get inspired when we see others doing things we dream of doing. We think to ourselves: I can also do that! There are so many different ways you can get inspired. My favorite way is by going to events to listen to inspiring people. I need it like oxygen. When I am inspired, I can further create my ripple effect by inspiring others. You can meet me during the following events:

WIT Regatta


You can also get inspired by reading, watching videos of motivational speakers, talking to others, meditating, visualizing.

So what are you going to do TODAY? Which of the 5 elements are you going to implement instantly? Share in the comments below to inspire others and create your ripple effect not tomorrow but TODAY!

My new book “Career Jump! How to Successfully Change Your Professional Path”, talks in depth on how to create a meaningful career for yourself and how you can create the ripple effect you desire in a structured and consistent way. It talks about designing your desired career path and making it a reality. It talks about designing your career based on your values, talents, passions and life mission.

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