Many of my clients that thought of changing their career asked me how would they truly know that they are ready for a career change. Based on a couple of years of experience, I have gathered for you a list of signs and symptoms that indicate you are ready for a career change now!

If you want to find out if you are ready, read the list below and put a cross next to each statement that you answer positively. If you answered more than 50% positively there is a high chance you are ready for a career change NOW.
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1. I feel depressed and nervous on Sunday afternoon.

You even consider calling yourself sick for the week, staying at home under your warm blanket and pretend you are not there!

2. The relationship with my boss / colleagues / subordinates is really bad.

Since a longtime you have conflicts with your boss or one of your colleagues or subordinates. You already tried many things like talking to the person, involving HR or a career coach to improve the relationship but nothing seems to work.

3. I dread the daily activities at my work.

Although your job title might sound exciting to your family and friends, and even to you on paper, the daily responsibilities that you have to fulfill drive you crazy.

4. When at networking events I am embarrassed to say to others what it is that I do.

Oh no, and again you have to confess to someone what your profession is and it does not make you feel happy. It actually makes you feel embarrassed.

5. I feel that in my work I use more often my weaknesses than my talents.

How do you know? Because you feel constantly tired after the day of work. Your boss is constantly sending you on different courses to improve your skills that you are totally not interested in. You do not feel in the flow for the most of the day/week. You actually do not even remember how it is to work in the flow.

6. The stress level has long ago crossed the red line.

You feel constantly tired and you often get down with flu. You often feel irritated and get upset quickly with small unimportant stuff.

7. I feel that my salary does not reflect my potential.

You have completed your studies (maybe even several), you speak foreign language(s), you have got quite of a track record as far as your professional experience is concerned. But still you feel that all that is not reflected in your salary level. In fact you did not get any significant salary raise in years!

8. I could not care less about the products and/or the services of my company.

Maybe you were interested once in what the company was doing, maybe even not. The truth is that NOW you are not. You do not identify yourself with the company’s products and/or services. You might be even thinking that they are boring, useless or even unethical.

9. I do not feel that my work has meaning or serves a higher purpose.

You may like your work, your colleagues and all the benefits that go with your job (nice car, bonus, etc.) but you actually still do not feel satisfied. You feel that your job does not have any positive contribution to the world whatsoever!

10. My work place depresses me.

You are all by yourself or surrounded by many people. Doesn’t actually matter where it is, the point is that you feel it is not a suitable place for you.                  

11. The things that I value most in life are not being honoured at my work place.

One of the most important reasons for a poor job satisfaction is the fact that the things that are truly important for you in life, are being neglected or unimportant in your work. For example if one of you values is freedom & flexibility and you have to sit in the office from 9 – 5 and you have to explain every 5 minutes of your absence, this is going to have a major impact on your job happiness. If you value knowledge but at your job you feel stuck and you do not learn anything new, you will also feel frustrated soon.

12. I actually do not have fun anymore in what I do.

That’s it! Your job that was once fun and exciting now bores you to death. You even catch yourself on playing solitaire on your computer, checking your FB account or doing other work unrelated activities.

Fed up? 

So are you fed up with my list already? And do you feel now even more miserable than before reading this article? Do not worry because with every problem comes a solution.

Time for action! 

First. Identify and have a very close look at the main problem areas. What do they relate to: content, environment, people, your skills, other points?

Second. Have a good look at the things that you belief go well and write them down. Can you develop them further? What can you do? Per item write down three action points that you can implement fast. We often do not appreciate enough the good things we already have.

Third. Decide on the importance of the problem areas. It might be that not all problem areas weigh the same for you. Maybe you have a conflict with one of your colleagues but it is not such a big deal for you. Rank the problem areas from the most sever to the lightest one. Think if it is possible to solve them in the current work situation. If the answer is yes, make an action plan on what needs to happen, from whom do you need support etc. If the answer is no, go to the next point.

Fourth. If you feel you have tried many things already and they do not work and you still feel miserable about your job and career. There is one last thing you need to do. Call me!