Most of my clients come to me with this question: what should be my next career step? Sooner or later every one ask himself / herself this question: so what’s next?

Unfortunately, often enough we ask ourselves this question too late. Too late being: after having a burn-out, getting laid-off from work, etc. Sometimes it is just a case of circumstances and new situations in our lives such as moving abroad or becoming a parent. Whatever your reason is to ask yourself this question, below you will find 3 crucial questions that you need to ask yourself before making your next career move.
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What do you risk in case you do not ask yourself these questions?

  • You will feel stuck.
  • You will feel lost and will not know which direction to go.
  • You will continue to have a feeling there is something better out there for you but you do not know what.
  • You will feel unfulfilled as a professional and as a result not a pleasant person to be around (for yourself, family, colleagues).

What will you achieve by asking yourself these questions?

  • You will feel in control.
  • You will take the steps that fit you and your professional life.
  • You will be more fulfilled as a professional and as a result a happier person.

I hope by now you are convinced why you want to spend time and find out the answers to these crucial questions.

1. What are the lessons learnt from your professional life until today?

Here you take stock of what you have accomplished so far. I would like to ask you to think for a moment about your past career path.

  • What did you in particular love about it and what did you really dislike? And why?
  • What were the most inspiring situations?
  • What were the most challenging situations?
  • With what type of people did you enjoy to work the most?
  • What were your most successful projects, milestones and what was your contribution to those?

Once you have collected the answers to those questions, spend time to write down min 3 max 10 lessons learnt.

2. Who do you want to become in 10 – 20 years from now?

I think this is one of the best questions to ask yourself. First figure out who do you want to be and than what do you need to do in order to become that person.

There is another benefit from investigating this question. It allows you to get a perspective on your current life. However wonderful living in the moment is, we often do not get enough long-term perspective on our lives.  Think who do you want to be not whom you should be.

Imagine that you are 90 years old and you look at your passed life: what would you be most proud of that you have done. What would you have regretted of not having done?

3.  What are my core talents I want to use?

Due to the performance appraisals in the corporate world we are learnt nowadays that our focus should be primarily on identifying and improving our weaknesses. So we do as we are told. I say let’s stop that. What a waste of your pure, natural talent you were born with.

Make everything possible to identify you core strengths. You can download my FREE eBook on talents HERE and discover your unique talents.  Why is it so important to play to your talents? Because than we are at our best. It comes naturally, effortlessly to us, meaning we get energized and so much more confident in what we do.

Does it mean that you need to forget about your weaknesses? YES! Know your weak spots and find the strategies to deal with them i.e. surround yourself with people who are great in those areas.

Make conclusions and take decisions.

Once you feel that you have gathered enough information do not leave it to that. Take time to process information and make conclusions. Once you have made the conclusions identify next steps and TAKE ACTION!

My last tip is: Surround yourself with positive people who are going to the similar phase in life.

Whatever we do in our lives, whether we are having our own business, working for a company, or not working at all we need to be surrounded by positive people who understand what we go through. These people will motivate and support you, as they want to succeed themselves. So go out there and meet new people. Face to face or virtually. Open up and offer your help and ask yourself for help when necessary.

Good luck!

Please share in the comments what is your next career step.